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warehouse aerial photography services

AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHYWarehouse Aerial Photography

Demonstrate the value of commercial properties with a multitude of aerial angles and views. Depict existing tenants, anchor retailers, location features, and more. Present compelling imagery to clients, investors, or potential tenants.
apartments aerial photography services

AERIAL VIDEOGRAPHYApartment Building Drone Services

There’s no limit to what we can photograph or how far we can fly. We incorporate video taken with drones to produce the most effective and cost-efficient marketing pieces you can get.
condo building aerial photography services

COMMERCIAL DRONE SERVICECondominium Aerial Drone Services

Drone photography and video also provide a safe vehicle for site inspection, delivering real-time data from dangerous areas, and helping contractors mitigate problems before they worsen.

Commercial Real Estate Drone ServicesBusiness Property Drone Services

Sell real estate listings faster and attract more clients by showcasing your commercial property from the air. High-quality aerial footage – such as panoramas, images, and video tours – illustrate your properties’ proximity to nearby amenities, roads, and features.

Need commercial aerial photographs?

Looking for Drone Aerial Photography? We Do That! Need commercial aerial photographs of a large area? We also do professional photography from traditional manned aircraft as well! Let’s talk about your project and work up a quote, based on your unique needs.
Hi-quality drones are much more affordable than monitoring with aeroplanes & helicopter flights in the air.
We utilize high-end flying cameras that will capture the distinctive and dramatic aerial views that you are after.
These devices can hover and maneuver above your event capturing images and video of not just individuals iterative approaches to corporate strategy.
Part 107 Certified
Magic City Drone Pilot is F.A.A. approved for commercial drone/UAS operations per Part 107 Certification.
Golf Course Photography
We have replaced the prohibitive costs of helicopter rentals and on-board camera crews with professional commercial drones that can get the images you need.
golf course aerial photography

Reliability is our priorityGolf Course Aerial Photography

High definition, high-quality flyover videos bring a modern, technological edge to the classic game of golf. With recent advancements in aircraft, video, and post-editing technology, a video flyover no longer requires a helicopter and pilot.

Aerial perspectives give your property an edgeApartment Building Aerial Photography

We offer packages for most budgets. Showcase your new apartment building with aerial video or photos from a high-resolution camera onboard the latest GPS-enabled drones.
aerial apartment drone services
aerial photography for warehouse property

Inspections as well as great imagesWarehouse Property Aerial Photography

Impress potential tenants & buyers with stunning aerial photos and professional drone videos of your commercial properties. Tampa Bay drone services. Showcase Your Property’s Best Features. There is no better way to show off property than with drone photography.

Aerial Agricultural images & videoTampa Bay area farm & ranch photography

Wheather its to help sell your large property or proof of improevemts and inspections, we have you covered with our HD video and photography drone footage.
farm & ranch aerial photography drone naples fl

AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHYWhy Use Magic City Drone Pilot

We provide raw footage or basic editing. We also offer white label service or client management if needed. Inspecting a construction site is not only a time-consuming task, but it can be dangerous too. It has been a natural progression of the St Lucie Drone Pilot business model to be an industry leader in aerial infrastructure and construction inspections. Our expertise continues to grow in the fields of residential, commercial, and industrial aerial photography.
Drone photographer Aerial photography services
Drone photographer Aerial photography services
Drone photographer Aerial photography services
Drone photographer Aerial photography services
Drone photographer Aerial photography services
Drone photographer Aerial photography services

You guys were extremely helpful. I can’t thank you enough. Sending the blast to your pilots and getting so many options in return saved me a ton of work and time. Thanks again for everything! Couldn’t have done it without you guys. Service was great, we received contact promptly from 3 suppliers.

JOURNALISTMichael Jackson

My business provides professional wedding media and I was looking for a drone pilot to partner with for aerial videos and photography. I received various quotes and have selected a couple of drone pilots to work with. Very easy process overall, highly recommended to everyone who like quality.


Our Digital Drone Solution services are specifically tailored for Office, Retail, Industrial, Multifamily, Hotel & Special Purposes commercial properties.

We offer clients state-of-the-art drone hardware and software solutions, by enabling leading marketing techniques and data-driven insights to showcase clients’ commercial property in a unique and powerful way.


Breath-taking aerial shots used to be reserved for those who could afford a helicopter—but not anymore. With exciting new drone technology, you can get a whole new perspective on your wide-open spaces or close-ups of tricky spaces.

Naples Drone Pilot Services
Drones have become a vital tool, especially in real estate and marketing. Let our images capture an Aerial View of your Residential and Commercial Properties with our Aerial Drone Photography Services


Professional well-seasoned drone photographer, Robert Miller makes an art of aerial real estate photography to magically capture each home’s unique perspectives from above your property.


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