Residential Drone Services

We offer several entry-level packages that include raw video files of the flight, dramatic photos, and more. If you’re looking for a custom service, please contact us for a quick and detailed quote.
Empress Home Buyers
With aerial photography using a drone, 360-degree views of your Real-Estate, showing a perspective your potential buyers may not see from the competition.

Aerial Photography
Get magazine-quality aerial stills and provide click-worthy imagery to showcase your property. Simply provide a shot list or tell us what you want to feature.
Market Your Home
Whether it’s photo or video content for marketing, website, special event, social media, news, or film we have specialized cameras and drones to get you what you need.
Real Estate Videography
Drive increased traffic and interest to your listings by leading with must-click aerial imagery. We offer Editing aerial Images Including measurements and outline the area on a bird’s eye view.
Stand Out From Other Sellers
Set your property apart from others by showing more than you can from just a camera on the ground. Impress potential buyers with an aerial view.
Show Off Your Neighborhood
This will make it stand out in the image. For your aerial shot, make sure you note the nearby attractions so we know exactly you require the drop pins.
Real Estate Aerial Photography
Drones have become a vital tool, especially in real estate and marketing. Let our images capture an Aerial View of your Residential and Commercial Properties with our Aerial Drone Photography Services
360 Panoramic Photos
Our 360° panoramic photos, will show off the entire property and neighborhood with our 360° photography. We have a 10 photo package for Residential Real Estate and can build or reduce a special package for you.

Residential Media Production

We take your property to a new level using the latest drone technologies show off your amenities and take a look inside your complex. We work hand in hand to create the ideal media for your property and marketing strategy.
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Drone Video Services

Show off your surroundings and view your exterior amenities from above. Tour your interior floor plans and amenities with the latest aerial and stabilization technology.

Custom Graphics

We pinpoint locations of interest in your community and add relevant floor plans to each models walk-through. Guiding each shot with custom tag lines.. Want to show off the neighborhood, or local restaurants and shopping centers? We can do that too!
Aerial drone photography services

We offer highly-custom residential real estate videography via our professional in-house production team.

Add a voiceover, 3D graphics, callouts of roads or neighborhood features, and more to your video to make your listing really stand out from the rest.
Tampa Bay Drone Services. Simple, convenient, and completely custom aerial drone photography in Tampa Bay, Florida
Tampa Bay Real Estate Photography Magic City Drone Pilot is fully licensed and certified under FAA Part 107 and can help you with drone-based aerial photography anywhere in the Tampa Bay area where it is legal to do so
Magic City Drone Pilot’s photography and videography services offer stunning photos and videos so that you can see things differently.
We are a full-service production company that specializes in Real Estate aerial drone photography and videography. FAA Approved. FAAPart 107
Naples Drone Pilot Services
Drones have become a vital tool, especially in real estate and marketing. Let our images capture an Aerial View of your Residential and Commercial Properties with our Aerial Drone Photography Services


Professional well-seasoned drone photographer, Robert Miller makes an art of aerial real estate photography to magically capture each home’s unique perspectives from above your property.


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